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Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Arrangement for The Church of Jesus Christ

A new arrangement for "The Church of Jesus Christ"....    Yeah, this is a hard one.  I have been thinking about how this song would work in the program for next year given that it has been chosen as one of the songs.  I like this song, with it's 'bouncy' melody and movement, but I'm just not sure it's what I want for the program next year.  I have been sitting down to the piano and hitting the keys a bit to figure something else out for this.  I am thinking of a slower introduction and verse to the song.  Then changing the key and speeding it up just a little bit to make it feel a bit more "triumphal".  What are your thoughts?  Please leave your comment with what you think of this song for the program, and how you might see it fitting in well with the other songs we will be doing.   This will be the first song that I arrange for next year, so I'd really like to get your insights on this one!
Thanks in advance!!


  1. I would be very very open to something different on this song! I like this song, but when you consider the 2015 theme, the bounciness doesn't seem to fit. Thanks. --keep the new ideas coming.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Di. Keep checking back with me. I am more than happy to share a new arrangement of this song. I started working on it a bit today, in fact. Hope you subscribed to my YouTube channel as well!

  3. I like the uplifting beat of the song. It reminds me of Called to Serve. Maybe you could have that and other anthem type songs in mind as you do this arrangement? I look forward to see what you come up with! Thanks!!

    1. Thanks, Kami, for your input as well! I have started the introduction to the arrangement already, and like the progress. I'm hoping to maybe get the introduction recorded (piano only) in the next few days and I could post it hear to get everyone's feedback on it. I love the comments here on the blog! Keep them coming!