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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome to the B-Squared Studios Web Page!!

My name is Ben, and I own a small recording studio in Boise, ID.  I put it together for my own use, but have actually begun to enjoy working with other artists, with me just at the mixer controllers.  I want you to be able to hear some of the music we are doing here in the studio from this site.

Addie Astle is a 15 year-old on-the-rise star who has recently been recording with me.  Take a listen to her take on Little Mix's "Move".  I think it's better than the original!!

Addie Astle - Move Cover

I have been recording new arrangements to Primary Songs that are being done in our church.  Here is a sample of one that I did:

We'll Bring The World His Truth - Arranged and Recorded by Ben Bennett